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The mission of the Tennessee Principals Association is to support, empower, and connect Tennessee Principals.

VP and President-Elect Nominations 2023

Attached below are the Candidate Interest Forms for the position of TPA Vice President and TPA President-Elect. Both of these positions are elected by the membership in a statewide voting effort. The office of TPA Vice President is a 4 year commitment and the office of TPA President-Elect (fulfilling the term of the current VP interim position) is a 3 year commitment.

If you are interested in running for either of these positions, please complete the attached form by the deadline. Also, please feel free to pass this along to any other TPA member who has indicated an interest in joining the Board of Directors or who has the leadership capability to lead statewide.

Candidates interested in running for Vice President or President-Elect will send their completed form to TPA Nominating Committee Chair, and immediate Past President, Dr. Tara Loba (contact info is included on the attached form).

Once forms are received (by the deadline), the Nominating Committee (already identified by the membership at the conference from each of the three grand divisions of our state), along with current President Tyler Salyer and Past President Tara Loba, will convene virtually to determine which two candidates will be selected for each position to be placed on the statewide ballot. The Nominating Committee uses the information provided on the Candidate Interest Form to determine the selection of potential candidates. Once the two candidates for each office have been identified, an electronic voting correspondence will be sent to all members with the candidates information (just as we have done in the past). A voting period of two weeks will allow members to cast their votes online.

For those of you interested or seeking an Executive Board position . . . the time is at hand!

Thanks for your interest in leading the Tennessee Principals Association . . . the premier educational leadership organization for Tennessee Principals!

Candidate Interest Form for President-Elect 2023Candidate Interest Form for Vice President 2023

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The mission of the Tennessee Principals Association is to support, empower, and connect Tennessee Principals.


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