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Tennessee Principals Association Framework for Advocacy

The Tennessee Principals Association was founded in 1939 as a support system for Tennessee school leaders. Over the decades, TPA has evolved as the premier professional association for K-8 Tennessee principals and district leaders. Our mission as the Tennessee Principals Association is to

support, empower and connect Tennessee principals. Although we do not endorse political parties or candidates, we do use our voices to advocate for the needs of schools in Tennessee.

Tennessee Principals Association Executive Board Members have identified the following key priorities:

  • K-12 Equitable Funding
  • Mental health supports in schools
  • Social and emotional learning for students
  • Recruitment and retention of educators

Specific to the current pandemic (COVID-19) and the re-opening of public schools, we also find the following key priorities:

  • Teacher Evaluation for the 2020-2021 school year
  • Standardized testing and the accountability model

Advocacy Directors: Dr. Brian Partin (Federal) and Heather Wolf (State)

  • Serve as legislative liaison to general membership regarding our key priorities
  • Regularly communicate legislative updates
  • Participate in NAESP Federal Relations Network
  • Develop an advocacy toolkit for the general membership
  • Survey the board to identify core priorities
  • Communicate NAESP guidance and advocacy alerts

Advocacy Directors

Advocacy Framework

Position Statements

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Current Legislation

Federal Advocacy Info

Member Insight and Feedback

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The mission of the Tennessee Principals Association is to support, empower, and connect Tennessee Principals.


  • SUPPORT Tennessee Principals to enhance professional skill level
  • EMPOWER Tennessee Principals to build leadership capacity
  • CONNECT Tennessee Principals to expand professional networks
  • DEVELOP long-term financial infrastructure to enable TPA to become the premier education leadership association for Tennessee Principals


  • Professional Membership
  • Professional Liability Coverage ($2 million)
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Advocacy in Washington
  • TPA Publications: TN Principal Journal & TNPRIN News
  • NAESP Publications: Principal Magazine, Communicator e-newsletter, Principal Insights
  • Professional Networks
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